Why Adam’s Camp?

Adam’s Camp offers a unique blend of therapy and adventure, giving your child a chance to grow beyond expectations. We believe when a camper has a disability, the entire family faces challenges. Our programs are designed to support the entire family through their journey.

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Built on Heart, Passion and Skilled Staff

Adam’s Camp is built on heart, passion and the tremendous skills of our therapists, counselors and staff. We thoroughly vet each staff member to ensure they not only have the knowledge, but the personality and drive to push your child to achieve, whether it’s learning to walk or riding their first zip line.

Built on Heart, Passion and Skilled Staff. MEET OUR TEAM

Why Adam’s Camp

Goal-Directed, Outcome-Based Therapy Programs

Our carefully designed, intensive, multi-disciplinary therapy programs focus on each child’s strengths to provide goal-directed, outcome-based treatment. Synergy, focus and extensive time dedicated specifically to enhancing skills make this a unique and powerful intervention. Attended by the whole family, activities and support are also provided for siblings and parents so that the entire family has the opportunity to realize potentials and develop strengths.

Goal-Directed, Outcome-Based Therapy Programs. EARLY START THERAPY CAMP MOUNTAIN THERAPY CAMP

Why Adam’s Camp

Adventure Camp Programs That Inspire Independence and Confidence

Adventure Camps are sleep-away camps full of fun, challenge and adventure for youth and adults. Campers enjoy activities that expand their social horizons and develop their courage to try new things while increasing independence and confidence.

Adventure Camp Programs That Inspire Independence and Confidence. ALL ADVENTURE CAMPS

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Campers and Parents Love Adam’s Camp

We adopted Nathan when he was less than a day old! We treasure the times he can participate in Adam’s Camp, knowing he is properly taken care of without us there. We are always looking for Nathan to get out of his comfort zone and make new relationships with peers. Without Adam’s Camp, he doesn’t get time away from us!

Adventure Camper Family

Liam has loved going to Adam’s Camp. One year he missed it and he was so sad he couldn’t see his friends. Camp has given him a sense of independence and fun.

Adventure Camp Family

Ashton is the kid who “just knows” when a hug is needed and is genuinely concerned when someone he feels connected to is upset. Adam’s Camp gives us break. It also help us reach out goals for Ashton: improving his ability to verbally communicate with his device, expanding his sentences and having a simple back and forth conversation.

Therapy Camper Family

Our kids would live at Adam’s Camp if they could!

Therapy Camp Family

Anthony is the happiest, most energetic little boy I have ever met. He is so full of life and he loves to play with others kids. Bullying has been a big issue at school. We attend Adam’s Camp not just for the therapy, but also to give Anthony a bigger peer support system. We always leave camp feeling refreshed and positive about our new goals and the school year to come!

Therapy Camper Family

At the age of four, Eric was diagnosed with autism. He has come a long way since then. Adam’s Camp has helped Eric learn to communicate better, to gain social skills and to make friends. It is also the only time we get a vacation to recharge as a couple. It also gives James, his brother, his own space to get away.

Therapy Camper Family

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Demonstrate your belief in the abilities of children with special needs and their families.

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