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Adam's Camp provides intensive therapy, family support and recreation for children and youth with special needs
New Hampshire
Northern Ireland

Our Mission

When a family member has special needs, the entire family has special needs.

The mission of Adam’s Camp is to realize the potentials and develop the strengths of children and young adults by bringing together individuals and families with professionals and volunteers to collaboratively provide customized, intensive therapy, family support, and recreation in a camp environment.

Adam’s Camp envisions a world where children and young adults with special needs and their families are empowered with the courage, hope, skills and tools for a lifelong journey of realizing potentials and developing strengths.

What We Do

Adam’s Camp is a group of non-profit organizations, each providing a variety of intensive, personalized, and integrated therapeutic programs for children with special needs and their families as well as recreational programs providing fun, social connections and growth in independence for youth and young adults with special needs. 

Adam’s Camp is successful because we meet the needs of the individual and the family in a camp setting, where healing and hope are contagious.
The impact of our programs is clear:

  • Children with developmental delays experience significant developmental gains and have higher quality therapy experiences following camp as a result of the roadmap developed while there

  • Siblings gain new strategies for living with a sibling with special needs while appreciating a quality camp experience themselves

  • Parents gain new strategies to support their child’s development, build a network of resources, and feel renewed from the respite they experience at camp

Our Locations


Est. 1986


Est. 2008


Est. 2013

New Hampshire

Est. 2014

Northern Ireland

Est. 2016


Est. 2017

Visit our location-specific websites for details and contact information.

How We Began

Adam’s Camp began thanks to Adam, a resilient six-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, and his innovative physical therapist. When Adam was 5, he had yet to take his first step. The school he was to attend wanted him to use a wheelchair, but his parents and therapists believed that he would walk with the right intervention and time. After receiving intensive therapy for five consecutive days, Adam took his first steps with the aid of a walker.

A year later, five families attended the first week of Adam’s Camp in the spectacular Colorado Rockies. It was there that Adam took his first independent steps and he has been walking ever since. Each of those five families experienced some sort of breakthrough at the inaugural Adam’s Camp and they knew that this model was something special.

Since that first session in 1986, Adam’s Camp has met or exceeded the expectations of thousands of individuals with special needs and their family members from across the country and beyond. Adam’s Camp continues to build and maintain this community by paying special attention to the needs of our campers and families, and in return has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

How We Are Growing

In addition to growing the types of programs offered and capacity in our original Colorado location, growth has occurred through the process of Adam’s Camp Colorado “seeding” Adam’s Camp programs in other locations by sharing the model, culture and best practices with local champions as well as providing ongoing guidance and support. Each location is operationally, financially and legally independent.

Starting an Adam’s Camp Near You

We are always interested in helping others start up Adam’s Camp programs in new locations. We would be delighted to talk with you if you would like to explore the opportunity of establishing an Adam’s Camp near you. For further information, contact our Outreach Coordinator by email.

Contact Us

 6767 South Spruce St., Suite 102, Centennial, CO 80112 (map)