About Adam’s Camp

Adam’s Camp served a total of  958 campers in 2019. If there is a need, our goal is to meet with top-tier programming.

The Adam’s Camp Mission

The mission of Adam’s Camp is to realize the potentials and develop the strengths of children and young adults by bringing together families with professionals and volunteers to collaboratively provide customized, intensive therapy, family support, and recreation in a camp environment.








Who we Serve

Adam’s Camp serves children and young adults of all genders and all ethnicities with developmental disabilities, and their families. Intensive Therapy Family Camps specifically serve children with developmental disabilities ages 6 months and older, as well as their families. Participants in Adam’s Camp programs are children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities, and their family members.

Of our participants with developmental disabilities, approximately 44% have autism spectrum disorders, 39% have Down Syndrome and 9% have cerebral palsy. The remainder have developmental delays due to other diagnoses or are individuals who remain undiagnosed. Many participants have more than one diagnosis.


Adam’s Camp Embraces Our Partners

Adam’s Camp has been a collaborative effort since its inception. The YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch and National Sports Center for the Disabled remain very active partners in our programming, supporting the summer Adventure camps with a venue and programming support.

The towns of Grand Lake and Winter Park provide discounts and assistance for our Adventure programs. In addition to direct service collaboration, we enjoy strong relationships with Developmental Pathways, Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, The Autism Society, Early Intervention Colorado and Ability Connection Colorado.

Professionals Miracles Foundation, Friends of Man and Ginny’s Kids all remain active scholarship donors to our families in need of funding for Adam’s Camp.

How Adam’s Camp Tracks Its Programs

Each Adam’s Camp program and every youth undergo a rigorous evaluation process to measure our success in achieving our mission and reaching stated goals. We continually evaluate our programs and assess the impacts on each youth participant throughout the year using formal and informal methods. Adam’s Camp conducts written assessments, pre- and post-tests, focus groups, direct observations and assessments via reflection activities. Employing qualitative and quantitative approaches, we compare organization and each child’s progress.

Adam’s Camp Gains by the Numbers

Adam’s Camp campers realize significant, and sometimes dramatic, gains through their camp experiences. Baselines are established for each camper and daily performance measures are recorded for each child with the number of successful trials and total number of trials, including interventions used to achieve the goals.

Of the 966 children and their families served in 2018:

  • 91% of families said the interdisciplinary model is unique and a benefit to their child
  • 92% said the end-of-camp therapy report was important/valuable to them
  • 92% said the explanations or strategies helped carry the progress made at camp over to home or school
  • 93% said they enjoyed the family time away from home
  • 68% said camp helped them understand their child’s strengths and challenges better
  • 72% said their children were exposed to new outdoor activities
  • 48% reported increased clarity in their child’s speech and communication
  • 54% reported an increase in positive social behavior and exchanges with family and peers

Early Start Program Gains

Additionally, therapists and parents both reported gains in fine motor skills, gross motor skills and communication skills.

In Adam’s Camp 2018 Early Start programs:

  • 60% of parents reported gains in their child’s motor skills and sensory perceptions
  • 100% reported gains in their child’s speech
  • 80% reported gains in their child’s behavior and self-control
  • 40% reported gains in their child’s self-feeding

Adam’s Camp Stats

Adam’s Camp subsidizes nearly 50% of all program costs, reducing fees for families

Adam’s Camp provided $90,000 in scholarships in 2019

The programs rely on nearly 20,000+ volunteer hours in support for our programs, saving $250,000 annually

Adam’s Camp was established in 1986 thanks to a young boy named Adam and his parents’ belief he could walk

Adam’s Camp launched Early Start in Fort Collins in 2018 and will launch in Colorado Springs in 2019.

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