The Benefits of Camp for All

February 16, 2024 | Adam's Camp Blog, Resources

Camp is an opportunity for people to come together in the spirit of adventure and community. Not only is it an experience like no other, but camp gives people (regardless of age, ability, or background) the chance to connect with their peers and environment all while having fun, building skills, and gaining confidence.

Here at Adam’s Camp, we are extremely passionate about providing amazing camp experiences for everyone. We know how powerful a positive camp experience is. In today’s blog, we’ll go over the many benefits of equitable, enjoyable camp experiences and why they’re important for all.

benefits of camp

Benefits of Camp: the Basics

If you’ve participated in any kind of camp experience before, it’s probably easy to remember its benefits. You may recall a memorable week with friends, trying something you’ve never done before, or surprising yourself by gaining a new skill. These are all common benefits of camp for everyone.

At its very core, camp benefits social development, boosts confidence, and provides experiences that people likely won’t get anywhere else. Camps also prioritize community support – something that can certainly be scarce in “real life.” This is especially true for people with disabilities.

Benefits of Camp for People with Disabilities

For the disabled community, camp poses similar benefits as it does to those without disabilities. However, there’s a key difference that many individuals with disabilities might notice. This is that camp is often an opportunity for a level of independence that might not exist elsewhere.

Everyone’s experience with camp is unique. Still, many people with disabilities can benefit from camp in the following ways:

  • Connecting with other people with disabilities. Sometimes, having a disability can feel incredibly isolating. This is especially true if a disabled person does not have many other disabled people in their life. Attending a needs-accommodating camp can be a rare chance to meet and bond with others who truly understand what it’s like to have a disability.
  • Access to specialized support. A camp that focuses on people with disabilities should have trained staff that can best support these individuals. This gives people with disabilities the chance to experience camp equitably and safely.
  • Accommodations. At a special needs camp, there will be modifications to activities to ensure that everyone can participate. This ties into the same ideas of equity and safety while still providing all the benefits of the camp experience.
  • Opportunities for fun and learning. Unfortunately, people with disabilities often face barriers to educational and fun experiences that those without disabilities don’t have to worry about. At camp, making these experiences accessible for all is intentionally prioritized.

People with disabilities don’t always have the resources and access they need for equitable experiences in many settings. This makes camp even more necessary and efficacious for disabled people. While anyone can enjoy the benefits of an amazing camp, those with disabilities can be doubly impacted.

Confidence and Fun

There are a few aspects of camp that are universal for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Although experiences can be modified based on many needs-based factors, the goals and benefits of camp remain the same.

Building confidence and having fun are arguably two of the most important benefits of camp. As children especially, but even for adults, confidence can be difficult to attain. It can be even more rare to develop confidence by doing something truly enjoyable. Camp builds up confidence by providing fun experiences that challenge bodies and minds.

In today’s world, we don’t always have ample opportunities for experiential learning. How often are we able to hike a mountain, go canoeing or tubing, or brave a zip line in our daily lives? Camp provides amazing opportunities for people to have fun, build skills, create connections, and develop lifelong confidence in themselves and their abilities.

A Camper, Family, and Community Focused Experience

Camp at its most impactful is a whole community affair. When individuals come together to support each other while creating lasting memories and friendships, they benefit even more from camp. Campers (and family members) from different backgrounds, with different abilities, unite in the pursuit of adventure, growth, and fun.

At Adam’s Camp, we understand firsthand how instrumental camp experiences can be for people of all abilities and backgrounds. That’s why one of our focuses here is creating a whole-family, whole-community experience at camp. Every member of our Adam’s Camp family belongs here, and each person is a crucial part of our community.

The Adam’s Camp mission is to realize the potential and develop the strengths of children, youth, and adults with disabilities. We do this through unique adventure and therapy programs with the help of committed counselors, therapists, staff, and volunteers who all work together to create a safe, fun, and supportive environment for people with disabilities.

We are always open to starting a conversation – please reach out to us with any questions you may have about what we went over today, how we support our community, or how you can get involved.

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