Adventure Road Trips


If your camper is feeling more adventurous, Adventure Camp is expanding to new locations further from Denver.

Adventure Road Trips. AGES 9+. If your camper is feeling more adventurous, Adventure Camp is expanding to new locations further from Denver. Apply for Camp Call us: 303.563.8290

Adventure Road Trips

What Makes Adventure Road Trips Special

Adventure Road Trips are similar to Adventure weekends, however, they are longer experiences that are at least 4 days or more. We use this extra time to go to new destinations that may be further than 1 hour away from the drop of location. These road trip experiences include neighboring states. The groups that go are generally a bit larger than the Adventure Weekends, this gives campers an exciting opportunity to engage with more friends and interact with new people.

When you register your camper, you will see the road trips that are available. For 2020, we have 2 road trips available for adults and 1 road trip for campers under 18 years of age.

What Makes Adventure Road Trips Special. Apply for Camp

Adventure Road Trips

Adventure Road Trips Overview

Adventure Road Trips have between 16 to 30 campers total, depending on the trip. Staff ratio is 1 counselor and 2 volunteers for every 5 campers. 1 Adam’s camp staff personnel will also be onsite to oversee the entire road trip. These weekends are theme based and the theme will determine the types of activities and excursions that campers engage in. Although some activities may be similar to ones campers do at Adventure Camp (which is hosted in the summertime) we continue to implement brand new activities since the Adventure Road Trip locations are different each month.

Adventure Road Trips are built for co-ed activities. Sleeping quarters for males and females will always remain separate. The sleeping quarters will also always be in a domestic type housing where campers will have a bed, access to a restroom and a full kitchen so food can be properly prepared.

Types of Activities Campers can Expect

More specific details and information regarding each weekend will be released. The specifics will be decided based on location, time of year, weather patterns and other logistics.

  • Shopping
  • Ropes courses
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Volleyball
  • And many more!

What Campers Learn on Adventure Road Trips

Adventure Road Trips


Drop off will be on a Friday at a specific convenient location in the Denver area. Pick up will be at the same location as drop off and will occur on Sunday. Drop off and pick up times will be specified based on what type of weekend is planned.


Adventure Road Trips Dates & Rates

Dates Camper Cost Deposit Apply

Campers and Parents Love Adam’s Camp

I never have a problem leaving Rachel since she is so warmly welcomed.

Diane Greenlaw

Those counselors are incredible human beings. They give it there all and seem so excited to meet the campers. I always want to cry happy tears. My daughter looks so forward to this all year long!

Kelley Elliot

I always have fun dropping Annie off! She can never wait to get rid of me! That's good!

Sherry Bruff

We could look around and help our son set up his space and make sure he was all set. They knew some of his interests and immediately started engaging him.

Jen Trotter

Great way for our special kiddos to learn to spread their independent wings in a fun and safe environment. He said "best camp EVER" when I picked him up

Joanne Sherman

Dusty accomplished ZIPLINE! Yeah, a goal he had wanted to do for awhile.

Dustin Scrage

Eric is much more verbal and confident around others and in situations where he doesn't always know what will be happening. This is his 3rd year and each year he comes back more self assured and happily makes decisions for himself.

Crystal Nordholm

They got her to go on a hike!! She never hikes! And she loved it!!

Dee Dee Nuss

Counselors went above and beyond caring for and encouraging the campers. The smiles, the pictures, the different activities are awesome!

Cheri Bjornsrud

Wonderful volunteers, excellent professionals and wide variety of activities. Camp fosters independence for campers and parents who often don't trust others caring for their special need children as well as we would. The excellent counselors, the ratio of campers to staff and volunteers is amazing. The activities are diverse to appeal to all kids.

Melissa Brill

I would emphasize the great way the campers are able to meet new friends, learn how to manage in the community, learn new activities that they don't try at home, learn leadership and most of all gain independence. Your camper gets to be a kid at Adam's camp, just like everyone else. There are no "differences" at camp.

Karen Kullby

Adam's Camp gives children with special needs the opportunity to have the "typical" summer camp experience, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Amy Cawlfield

Take comfort that their child is being well cared for, so relax and enjoy a few days on your own, or with others that may not get as much attention

Bryan Strait

Knowing your child is safe and having fun makes the quiet time an opportunity for renewal and reinvigoration.

Lynn Meyer

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