Troy Yanel

Mountain Therapy Lead

Troy’s passion is watching people achieve their goals. Whether this is in his classroom or working with students of all abilities outside of the classroom. Troy gained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Music Therapy from Georgia College & State University, where he focused his practicum work at Central State Psychiatric Hospital. He then went on to work with Veterans both in Georgia and at his internship at the Napa Valley Veterans Hospital in California. This work was incredibly meaningful, as Troy comes from a family full of military veterans. 

Troy has worked for Adams Camp for over 8 years. He has had the privilege of being on teams at the former Alaska, Nantucket, and New Hampshire Adams Camps, as well as the Colorado Camp. Being part of Adam’s Camp has allowed him to work with campers from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. 

Troy recently completed his Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Colorado in Greely, CO, and will be sitting for his principal and special education license this spring. 

Troy works for the Boulder Valley School District, as an  Autism Intensive Learning Center Teacher throughout the school year. 

Troy lives in Broomfield, CO with his wife, Tayler, and three children: Wilson, Dylan, and Everest.

Justin Garrard

Executive Director

Adam's Camp's new Executive Director, Justin Garrard.

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Bill Harmon

Interim Executive Director

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Paige Heydon

Director of Finance and Development

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Elizabeth Black

Early Start Programs Manager

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Katy Dennison

Mountain Therapy Camp Manager

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Josh Schwartz

Adventure Camp Manager

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Marina Kinney-Alexander

Operations Manager

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Dawn Swift

Office Manager and Auction Coordinator

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