The same but different – July 8, 2016

Anybody who has children or brothers or sisters knows that even though they may share the same blood and share some physical similarities, most often they have striking differences, making them as different as night and day. Here at Adam’s Camp, each of the five weeks of a summer session are like our five different children, each one kind of like the others, but each with its own strong personality molded by the different mix of campers, staff and volunteers.

While all the weeks all have a similar rhythm – visits to the Kiva, the zip line, the tubing hill, the archery range, the climbing wall and the horses; excursions to Grand Lake and Winter Park; campfires, concerts and conferences – each week brings different challenges. Some weeks run smoothly with minor hiccups and some rattle along a road of bigger potholes. In either case, one of the major tenets of “the Adam’s Camp way” is to soldier on and move forward regardless of week’s personality and challenges, with the best interests of the campers always priority No. 1.



A great example was one of our therapy teams in week one starting the week on a difficult note with the campers resisting any participation or cooperation with the therapists, which manifested itself in behavior outbursts. At the end of the therapy day, rather than lament a difficult time, the team huddled for an extra hour in their therapy space to come up with strategies to make the next day better. By the end of the week, any resistance was gone and each camper on the team was a cooperating, enthusiastic participant who had made significant behavioral breakthroughs.

It was also fun to see how the concert on Thursday in Winter Park unlocked some joy in one of our adventure campers whose mood had been pretty grey most of the week. That’s the thing – our therapists and counselors are wise enough to know that if they continue to soldier on, be positive and move forward, good things will usually happen in most cases sooner or later.

After two hard-charging weeks, it was nice to be back in the office this week and catch our collective breath for our weeks three and four coming up. We are also thinking good thoughts for our founders, Karel and Bob Horney, and our new Outreach Assistant Caroline Roberts, as they grab their backpacks and head off for an exciting moment in Adam’s Camp history: helping with the first week of Adam’s Camp Northern Ireland, which kicks off July 17 in Ballycastle – God’s speed, team!

A loss too profound

The magnificent black hair. The sparkle from understanding eyes. The warm hugs that made you feel like a long lost friend. The sly smile after a insightful comment. The unmatched devotion and dedication to her family. The list of things we will miss about our friend Veronica Brennan is endless and the loss is more profound than any words can express. Veronica was a pillar for her family, her community and for Adam’s Camp. The loves of her life, her husband Jim and her beautiful children Ian and Isabella, shoulder the unthinkable burden of carrying on without her, but her light undoubtedly will continue to shine through them. Heaven has gained an incredible advocate. Our days are a little darker because she is gone, but for those of us who knew “V,” we are grateful for the time we had with her, however brief, and for how she enriched our days and made the world a better place.

Brennan (14)


Adam’s Camp Executive Director Jay Clark will be blogging during the 2016 summer camp, usually late at night, so please pardon any typos.


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