” Thank you, Adam’s Camp! You have taken a little boy with special challenges and focused on his strengths! You have used his passion for music and encouraged and enhanced his development through intensive therapies. He attempts so much more, taking risks he never would before. You have helped him get over some of his fears, and helped him learn to accept change. You have used the combined experience and wisdom of each session’s team to provide a unique week of integrated, fun therapy that is truly amazing.”
–  Pathfinder Therapy Family

“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful, positive experience Stephanie had at camp last week.  She has been talking about it non-stop.  I think the great activities provided by Adam’s Camp enabled her to enjoy a fabulous camp experience.”
– Adventure Camp Parent

“We have learned so much by your example. You have helped us learn more about Ben’s unique learning style, and given us countless ideas on how to help him learn. You have guided us toward medical issues which needed attention. You have helped us focus on what Ben can do, and not on what he can’t! You have encouraged us, and helped to “fill our cup,” to face each new year. We notice magnificent little miracles in Ben after each session. Thank You to everyone who has worked to make it possible, the sponsors, the volunteers, the therapists and the administrators!”
–  Pathfinder Therapy Family

“He really had a great time at camp once again! He is still talking about it!!! Even after the other camps he went to he says that the most fun is Adam’s Camp!!!! I have to agree, just by how he reacts on the way home and once he gets home!!! It is still the highlight of his summer.”
– Adventure Camp Parent

” This week was amazing. We were so encouraged by our son’s progress.  We haven’t seen this much progress in such a short time.  The therapists you get are incredible. Thank you to everyone.”
– Trailblazer Family

“A language explosion!”  ‘A night and day difference!”  These are just a couple of the exclamations made by Kelley’s teachers at school, in two separate programs, the week following Adam’s Camp.” Thanks so much!!!”
– Pathfinder Therapy Family

“Adam’s Camp has changed our lives, truly, and many of the ideas we were presented with and the skills Ethan learned last summer catapulted us into a year of phenomenal growth.  The integrated therapy model is POWERFUL!”
– Pathfinder Therapy Family

“Please pass on that since Adam’s Camp, Olivia will be transitioned out of the early childhood special education program.  Her therapists were very excited about the progress she made and stated “she is a different kid than last year”.  I strongly feel that going to camp has helped her move from one environment to a more transitioned one and more than anything, it gave her confidence interacting with people outside her immediate family which is one of the things we’ve needed the most.”
– Early Start Parent

Therapists and Counselors

“I gave more than I ever expected, but received more than I ever had.”
– Pathfinder Therapy Therapist

“I have never experienced another program that truly encompasses all of the important elements of treating children with special needs.  The intensive therapy, focus on the child from the staff, families and volunteers, and the outcome based program that provides parents with tools to use throughout the year is powerful!”
– Pat Winders, world-renowned physical therapist

“When I first became a counselor at Adam’s Camp, I had to scramble to find one or two weeks throughout the summer that would accommodate my regular schedule and fit into my routine life.  Now the four summer sessions are the first thing on my calendar, and I adjust my routine to accommodate camp. Even though summer is my busiest season for work, what I gain from being a staff member at Adam’s Camp is far more valuable.”
– Adventure Camp Counselor

“Parents and siblings went home with a better appreciation of the disability and the potential each child has. The networking between families was also fantastic!”
– Pathfinder Therapy Therapist

“It’s a place where families and therapists come together for one week with the same focus: THE CHILDREN!!!!!!! It’s amazing.”
– Trailblazer Therapist


“Anyone who is an aspiring therapist should volunteer.”

“Each child touches your heart”

“The experience itself was life changing.  I will always go back, I will always keep learning and growing.”

“Able to be part of a heart warming adventure”.

“Is an eye opening experience and will remind you what is important in life.”

“Realization that everyone is a person that you can make a connection with.”

“Basically to have the best time of your life, nothing better in this world than to be surrounded by God’s angels.”

“You get to see the awe in camper’s eyes when they do all of those amazing things.”

“Being totally selfless for a week is such an amazing feeling.”

Sibling Program Volunteers

“We learned that it takes a lot of work to raise a family with a special needs child.”

“It is a chance for every family to become closer.”

Pediatrician Volunteer

“I had no idea how much these kids could accomplish in 5 days of integrated therapy. First words, stronger steps, accomplishing life skills – It was truly amazing to see the progress.”

Visit the Great Nonprofits website to read specific feedback and ratings that families, therapists and volunteers have given Adam’s Camp.