Rounding third and heading for home – July 25, 2015

“Two-three the count with no one on, he hit a high fly into the stands. Rounding third, he was headed for home, it was a brown-eyed handsome man.” Chuck Berry, “Brown-eyed, handsome man”

One of my best friends has a saying, “the more you do it, the better you get,” which applies to everything from playing guitar to hitting a golf ball to hosting the mania of the kickoff day to an Adam’s Camp week like today

We have more campers than normal this week, and Snow Mountain Ranch is more crowded than usual this week, which means there were more than a few curveballs coming at us today as we held staff and volunteer orientation, moved into cabins and hosted our parent reception. After navigating our way through four previous kickoff days this summer, it was a relief that the staff handled the curveballs like big leaguers today, picking each other up and diffusing any tension.

Having today run so well when, without the leadership and coolness of our managers, it could have spiraled into mayhem is indicative of the exciting, historic run the last 10 days have been for Adam’s Camp.

On Friday, July 17, we held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new building here at Snow Mountain Ranch that Adam’s Camp is partnering on with the YMCA of the Rockies. This new 6,500 square foot building will greatly enhance the services we provide to families with better therapy space and a commercial kitchen. You can read our news release here. To pull up to Snow Mountain Ranch this morning and be greeted by the site of five huge pieces of earth-moving equipment and a newly-grade temporary road up to the site was even more of a “wow, this dream really is coming true,” moment than the groundbreaking ceremony. See initial grading on the site already underway is a strong move toward the building being ready in time for Adam’s Camp 2016.


Also last week, we had two great hits of publicity. First, KTLA in Alaska did a wonderful job of capturing the feel of Adam’s Camp, which included interviews with Adam’s Camp Director of Outreach and co-founder Bob Horney and Adam’s Camp Board Member James Weise. Check out the video here. Then veteran Adam’s Camp father Jeremy Meyer, who happens to be a member of The Denver Post Editorial Board, wrote a column about his experience at Adam’s Camp with his daughter Abigail, which provided a wonderful perspective of a parent.

Another jewel in the crown from the last 10 days was our summer Early Start program we held in Aurora last week. This program is a great introduction to Adam’s Camp for families with children that are infants through four years old. This three-hour per day camp of intensive therapy is a brilliant way for us to build new relationships with families and our future therapy and adventure camps. Yes, we love all of our campers, but these Early Start campers are so ridiculously cute, nobody could blame us for playing favorites. This was our first summer Early Start camp and the response was overwhelming as we were hoping for eight campers but ended up with 16.

So we are rounding third and heading for home for Adam’s Camp Colorado 2015, as today was the start of the fifth and final week at Snow Mountain Ranch. Tomorrow, the work and adventure begin of realizing potentials and developing strengths with our campers.

Bring on the curveballs!

(Adam’s Camp Executive Director Jay Clark is blogging regularly from Snow Mountain Ranch – often late at night, so please pardon any typos.)

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