Colorado Intensive Therapy Family Camps

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Each week-long therapy camp provides intensive therapies for children with developmental delays often related to autism, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome as well as activities and support for moms, dads, and siblings to unwind and re-energize in a supportive and caring environment. Therapists focus on each child’s strengths to provide goal-centered, outcome-based treatment. Synergy, focus, and extensive time dedicated specifically to strengthening skills make this a unique and powerful intervention. Children often achieve significant developmental, functional and behavioral gains that can be further developed and sustained. Intensive Therapy Family Camp Highlights:

  • 5 consecutive days of intensive, individualized therapy for the child with special needs
  • Multidisciplinary professional therapy team working together on identified goals
  • Comprehensive clinical report provided digitally to parents outlines goals, strategies, outcomes and recommendations
  • Individualized parent conferences with the therapy team on the final day of camp
  • Optional parent presentations and activities as well as opportunities to network and connect
  • Optional sibling camp
  • Scholarships available

Use of assistive technology communication devices is welcomed and supported in any therapy program. The camps’ structure and activities vary based on the age and development of the children.

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Early Start Therapy Camp

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Early Start is a half-day intensive therapy program appropriate for children age 4 and under. Locations vary. Early Start Highlights:

  • 3 hours of daily one-on-one therapy for 5 consecutive days
  • Teams of 4 pediatric therapists including speech, physical, occupational and music therapists and 2 volunteers work with 4 children
  • Parents are encouraged to observe and participate in order to learn therapeutic interventions


Pathfinder Therapy Family Camps

Pathfinder TJames Welch on horseherapy takes place in the beautiful Colorado mountains and is an intensive, multidisciplinary therapy program for children ages 5 and older with developmental disabilities. Pathfinders benefit from daily one-one-one intensive, team-based therapy for 5 consecutive days. Therapy groups are made up of 5 therapists, 5 children and 2 volunteers. The therapy team is made up of a combination of speech, occupational, physical, art, behavioral and music therapists with the precise team make-up determined by the specific needs of the children. Each therapy day includes one or two therapist-supported outside group activity such as swimming or therapeutic horseback riding.



Explorer Therapy Family Camps:

Explorers, ages 7 and older, will benefit from all the elements of Pathfinder Therapy while receiving extensive support focused on individual needs, building competence and independence with daily living skills.


Trailblazer Therapy Family Camps

Trailblazer is an acAddie and friend walking awaytivity-based, “therapy-on-the-go” program in the beautiful Colorado mountains for youth ages 8 and older. Campers take part in activities such as canoeing, therapeutic horseback riding, low ropes obstacle course and field trips that help build self-confidence, independence, and social skills. A one-night sleepover with their team of campers and therapists adds fun and builds independence. Groups include 4 therapists and 2 volunteers with 5 campers so campers receive both small group and one-on-one therapy throughout the week.



Pioneer Therapy Family Camps

Pioneers, ages 9 and older, benefit from an activity-based therapeutic approach to building and increasing independence, self-confidence, and social skills throughout the 5 day therapy week. This program is designed for campers with a higher degree of independence supported by a ratio of 3 therapists and 2 volunteers to 8 campers. Campers stay the first two nights with their families, and then spend the remaining 3 nights with their team. Under the guidance of dedicated therapists and specialists, this 3 night sleep-over allows campers a more concentrated, comprehensive focus on their goals and enhanced independence.

* This program is not eligible for health insurance coverage or Flexible/Health Spending Account Statements.

You may consult with the Therapy Programs Director for assistance in determining which camp is most appropriate for your camper.  


Sibling Camps

Sibling camp participation is available for all siblings of Therapy Program campers. SiblinSiblings volunteers week 4g camp provides an opportunity for siblings to experience a special sense of belonging and meaningful opportunities to connect with one another through recreation as well as facilitated discussions while enjoying age-appropriate camp activities such as swimming, hiking or visiting the tubing hill. Sibling camp schedules coordinate with therapy schedules to allow parents the opportunity to participate in parent presentations/activities or to enjoy some recreation and respite while all the children are busy and engaged. Sibling Camp age groups are 0-5, 6-11 and 12-17. Registration for sibling programs and payment of a nominal fee are required in order to participate.


Which Intensive Therapy Family Camp Is Right for My Child?

Campers per
per Group
per Group
Early StartX
must be 8
XX5421 NightXXX
PioneerXX8323 NightsXNo

* Adam’s Camp staff will explore possible insurance coverage for a portion of therapy provided at camp upon request.

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