Just in time, an awesome rhyme – July 16, 2015

“Let them leave you up in the air, let them brush your rock ‘n’ roll hair…Let the good times roll.” The Cars, “Good Times Roll”

Adam’s Camp Week No. 4 is nearly in the books and once again I can check all the boxes. Countless moments of grace from therapists, counselors and volunteers that nearly brought me to tears? Check. Watching a memorable adventure camp talent show? Check. Being in awe of the gentleness of the mammoth therapy horses? Check. Belly laughs from watching the faces of those flying down tubing hill? Check. Feeling inspired by the courage of the young campers who tried new things? Check. Bursting with pride from the herculean effort and leadership from my Adam’s Camp managers? Check.

Back in my sports days, we had a saying, “the days are long, but the weeks fly by,” that totally applies to Adam’s Camp. The 12-14 hour days are quite a grind, but after tomorrow the good times will have already rolled through 80 percent of this year’s camp at Snow Mountain Ranch. I can still feel the sweaty palms as I was preparing to address the full staff before the start of week No. 1 more than a month ago like it was yesterday.

At this week’s talent show, one of my favorite moments was one young camper who climbed up on a piano before a rousing rendition of “Summer Nights” from “Grease.” When the counselors tried to talk her down, she said, “I can’t come down. I’m Danny on the bleachers.” Classic. Another favorite was playing a sing-along version “Stray Cat Strut” (the first song I ever learned to play on a guitar) on my Gibson while Chef Mike accompanied me on bass. No matter how or when, playing music for an audience is still an unbeatable rush. My most favorite moment from the show, however, was when camper Evan stood onstage and read the following poem to his counselors and fellow campers that he wrote all by himself:

Me and my mom drive up to camp, nice drive up, and the cabin had nice lamps.
My mom said, “bye,” then the football started to fly.
Day one started with a bull’s-eye, I made that target cry.
At golf, I got four holes in one, that how I get it done, son.
I went down the hill in a big round tube, I was so good, you should look for me on Youtube.
My favorite part of field day was the noodle toss, it was kind of like using floss.
Followed by a delicious treat, I knew I could not be beat.
At arts-n-crafts I painted a bird house, but it could have been for a small mouse.
I went to the dance and boogied all night, the pie eating contest was quite a fright!
I went rafting the next day, and I wanted to tell the river I was here to stay.
Many more things are yet to come, and I know some will please my tum!

Way to roll, Evan. Ric Ocasek would be proud.

A few pix from therapy and the Winter Park concert today:

therapy2   therapy1



(Adam’s Camp Executive Director Jay Clark is blogging on the fly from Snow Mountain Ranch – please pardon any typos.)


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