Everywhere at once – July 20, 2016

The first day of activities at Adam’s Camp is a lot like the duck who looks calm on the surface smoothly crossing the lake – while the duck glides you do not see the chaos going on underwater as he paddles like crazy with his big feet going every which way.

The first day of activities for all of the roughly 200 Adam’s Camp campers, volunteers, counselors and therapists this year is on Tuesdays. The Ranch is so vast with so many different groups and people are here, our groups are able to glide around campus with the chaos of Adam’s Camp taking place under the surface everywhere at once pretty well hidden from the untrained eye:

8:45 AM:

Adventure Camp: Eagle and Timberwolf teams board bus at cabins and head to tubing hill. Mountain Lion and Black Bear teams board bus destined for Wall climbing, mini-golf and arts and crafts.

Therapy Camp: Team Daisy and Poppy begin therapy day at Commons building. Team Primrose loads vans and heads to therapeutic horseback riding. Team Larkspur begins a cabin therapy session. Team Pioneer loads up van and heads to zip line.

Siblings Camp: “All about me” orientation and games begins with 18 siblings campers at Summit building.

10:30 AM:

Adventure: Eagles and Timberwolves head to archery and Kiva Rec Center. Mountain Lions and Black Bears split off to wall climb, zip line and low ropes team building.

Therapy: Daisy and Poppy wrap up their second hour of one-on-one therapy rotations. Primrose heads off to mini golf. Larkspur finishes up zip line and heads to indoor climbing wall. Pioneer heads off to hiking trails.

Siblings: Load up vans and head to Fraser Rec Center for swimming.

1:00 PM

Adventure: After lunch on the go, Eagles and Timberwolves bus to climbing wall, mini golf and arts and crafts. Mountain Lions head off to archery and Kiva Rec Center.

Therapy: Daisy loads up for the indoor climbing wall. Poppy treks out to reservoir for canoeing. Primrose and Larkspur tackle low ropes team building. Pioneer goes to the zip line.

Siblings: After lunch, take over the gymnastics room at Fraser Rec Center.

2:30 PM:

Adventure: Eagles head to zip line. Timberwolves to low ropes team building. Mountain Lions and Black Bears head to tubing hill.

Therapy: therapy day ends, therapists hold short debriefings with parents.

Siblings: camp day ends, cleanup of sibling space.

4:30 PM:

Adventure: teams return to cabins for quiet time.

Therapy: therapists begin work on individual camper reports.

Siblings: volunteers report to kitchen to help with food prep for dinner.

5:30 PM:

Adventure: meals delivered to four cabins.

Therapy: therapists drive to Independence cabin for Italian buffet.

Siblings: Volunteers eat and have quiet time.

6:30 PM;

Adventure: Eagle and Timberwolves board bus from cabins to Whispering Pines Chapel for talent show; Mountain Lions and Black Bears to follow at 7:00 PM.

Therapy: therapists resume work on individual camper reports.

Siblings: volunteers head to therapy family campfire to sing songs and play games.

8:30 PM:

Adventure: Eagles and Timberwolves return on bus to their cabins; Mountain Lions and Black Bears follow at 9:00 PM.

Therapy: therapists wrap up reports and prep for next day.

Siblings: volunteers wrap up camp fire and return to Independence to help clean kitchen.

9:30 PM:

Adventure: campers put to bed, counselors and volunteers hold debrief on the day and prepare for the next day with Adventure Camp Director.

Therapy: therapists and volunteers hold debrief on the day with Therapy Camp Director.

10:30 PM: That’s a wrap – on to next day!

Night falls over the ranch under a full moon

(Adam’s Camp Executive Director Jay Clark blogs from camp at Snow Mountain Ranch, usually late at night, so please excuse any typos)

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