Adam’s Camp CO 2015 By The Numbers – August 6, 2016

Ever since my dad taught me how to calculate a batting average one night at Mile High Stadium watching the AAA Denver Bears when I was little, I have had an infatuation with statistics. Not so much the numbers themselves, but the stories that the statistics tell. Among the countless amazing stories from the last five weeks of Adam’s Camp, the stats dork in me came up with the following tidbits for my final blog on the 2015 Adam’s Camp Colorado summer:

Number of states represented by campers and counselors at Colorado Adam’s Camp 2015: Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.



Total number of Adventure Campers over five weeks. These campers ranged in age from 9 to 44 years old. It was a joy to see old friendships rekindled and new ones form among this group over the five weeks.


Number of Adam’s Camp volunteers that worked over the five weeks of camp. Our brilliant volunteers devote six-plus days (pre-camp training, orientation and setup day, five days of camp), to work with the campers in our therapy, adventure and siblings program for no compensation other than helping our campers realize potentials and develop strengths. It is a tremendous commitment and simply put, Adam’s Camp could not exist without these shining stars.


Approximate number of meals prepared for adventure campers and staff, therapy families and therapy staff the course of five weeks through the Adam’s Camp kitchen that was at our headquarter cabin at Snow Mountain Ranch. This does not include continental breakfasts that camp and staff prepared themselves in their cabins.


Approximate number of miles traveled on the Snow Mountain Ranch zip line over the course of five weeks by Adam’s Campers, 600 feet at time.


Approximate total number hours worked by the 117 Adam’s Camp therapists over the course of five weeks between therapy, charting and creating reports. The days usually started before 8:00 A.M. and usually ended around 10:00 P.M.


Approximate number of total hours worked by the 52 adventure camp counselors. The days for the counselors were spent leading activities, cleaning cabins, coaxing and coaching campers, overseeing volunteers, writing daily evaluations and handling the always-present unexpected. With the sleeping patterns of campers, counselor days usually ran from 6:00 A.M. to midnight.


Number of Adam’s Camp Adventure Camp talent shows, one each week. Talents ranged from rousing versions of “Let it go” from “Frozen” to stand-up comic routines to hip-hop dances to movie re-enactments. Without fail, each week featured a performance from a camper that was wonderfully unexpected, such as the quiet, reserved camper who stood onstage and belted out a spot on version of Green Day’s “Nuclear Family.”


Number of therapy camp parents over the five weeks who rode the Grand Lake Marina “party barge” for the water tour of Grand Lake. Watching the parents act like giddy teenagers on their first drive with a new license was a delight. “Are you kidding? The two of us NEVER have a chance to do something like this. We are going to enjoy every second!” one parent said as they set sail.


Number of horses at the National Sports Center for the Disabled therapeutic horse riding stable at Snow Mountain Ranch. These magnificent, gentle giants are specially trained to handle riders with special needs and it is magical to see the quick, profound connection they make with their riders.


Number of report pages our therapy teams prepared for the 116 therapy campers. The therapy teams prepared a detailed 14-page report for each camper that the families share with their schools, therapists and caregivers. The therapy teams spent an average of 10 hours on each report to include pictures, achievements and recommendations from the week. Presenting the reports individually to the families is the capstone to the therapy week.


Approximate number of songs heard by Adam’s Campers at the five free weekly concerts at Winter Park. Thanks to the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Adam’s Camp was provided its own “VIP” section at these concerts, which featured classic rock, rockabilly, Latin and blues. It was always great fun to witness a sea of Adam’s Camp teal t-shirts dancing and enjoying the music.


Number of professional nurses who worked the different weeks of adventure camps. Gina, Marissa and Disa had to deal around the clock with cuts, burns, stomach illness, insomnia, dehydration, bites, pulled muscles, heat exhaustion, sore throats, and did so with a smile and great attitude.


Approximate number of cumulative miles hiked on the Adam’s Falls (no relation to Adam’s Camp!) hike at Grand Lake by adventure campers and counselors over five weeks. Each Thursday during the camp week, adventure campers visited Grand Lake to make the hike, sail, drive go carts, have lunch at the main street pavilion, shop, bowl and eat ice cream.


The past seven weeks have been quite the roller coaster of emotion. It was a tremendous honor to be alongside so many devoted, dedicated and passionate teammates who gave their all to the campers and families we serve. While we are proud of the work we have done, we know we can always do better and are never satisfied. With an eye already towards 2016, we are back to work, knowing that our campers and their families deserve our efforts to improve each day. Thanks to everybody who has been reading my blog over the camp weeks and stay tuned for random postings during the year.

(Adam’s Camp Executive Director Jay Clark has been blogging regularly through camp. These posts are unedited, so please pardon any typos.)

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