Our Story

Adam’s Camp began thanks to Adam, a courageous six-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, and his supportive physical therapist. When Adam was 5, he had yet to take his first step. The school he was to attend wanted to put him in a wheelchair, but his parents and therapists knew that he could walk with the right intervention! After exposing him to intensive therapy for five consecutive days, Adam took his first steps with the aid of a walker!

When 5 families attended the first Adam’s Camp for five days, Adam took his first independent steps and has been walking ever since. His family felt renewed and encouraged, and enjoyed a great vacation in the spectacular Colorado Rockies.

Since that first session in 1986, Adam’s Camp has worked hard to exceed the expectations of over 12,000 individuals with special needs and their family members from from across the country and continues to build and maintain this community. Adam’s Camp has paid special attention to the needs of our campers as they “grew up” in the Adam’s Camp family and in return has received an overwhelming positive response. This has allowed for the expansion of our programs both within Colorado and to other states. For 30 years, Adam’s Camp has continually increased the number and type of programs, both in the Colorado mountains and the metro-Denver area, in order to accommodate the growing number of families and campers wanting to attend.

This growth of the Colorado programs has been exciting and rewarding, but we know we are barely scratching the surface of what we can do to support kids with special needs and their families. It is part of the Adam’s Camp vision to share our approach as a model for others throughout the community of people with special needs. To fulfill this exciting vision, in 2007 we began exploring the possibility of replicating our successful and unique programs throughout the country. Adam’s Camp has now expanded to four states in addition to Colorado, plus a program ‘across the pond’ in Northern Ireland. 

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Adam’s Camp Nantucket

Adam's Camp Nantucket parents enjoy some respite!In 2008, through the wonderful support of Max & Pat Goode and Nantucket S.T.A.R., the first Adam’s Camp affiliate program took place on the beautiful island of Nantucket. The program was a wonderful success, and continues to be held now each summer. Both Pathfinder Therapy and Trailblazer programs are conducted. Activities for campers, sibs and parents take advantage of this unique island location!
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For more information contact the Adam’s Camp Nantucket Program Director by email or phone at (603) 715-2298.

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Adam’s Camp Alaska

Playing with an iceberg in AKAdam’s Camp Alaska was launched in July 2013 as a result of the amazing efforts of three Adam’s Camp Colorado veteran families from Anchorage. Even in its first year, families came from all over the state to the sold out program. Campers and sibs rafted, feed moose, climbed a rock wall and other great outdoor activities. The program is held in Girdwood Alaska, home to the Alyeska ski area, stunning scenery and Challenge Alaska, the adaptive ski program for Alaska.
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For more information, contact the Program Director by email or phone at (907) 952-2452.

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Adam’s Camp New Hampshire

puppet-coloringAdam’s Camp New Hampshire launched in July 2014! The program takes place in Lincoln, New Hampshire, located in the beautiful White Mountains just two hours north of Boston. Lincoln is home to the Loon Mountain ski area and also New England Disabled Sports. The New Hampshire program compliments Adam’s Camp Nantucket and between the two, there is a convenient location for families anywhere in the New England area. Our thanks to the wonderful Board of Adam’s Camp New England for overseeing both the Nantucket and New Hampshire programs.
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For more information contact Adrienne Evans, Adam’s Camp New Hampshire Program Director by email or phone at
(603) 715-2298.

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Adam's Camp Northern Ireland

Adam’s Camp Northern Ireland

Adam’s Camp Northern Ireland was founded by Grainne Ashe in honor of her daughter Rose. Rose and her family attended Adam’s Camp Nantucket and left with the determination and vision to bring the unique model back to their country. They quickly found an abundance of families eager to participate and in July of 2016, a magical inaugural Adam’s Camp Northern Ireland was held in Corrymeela, Ballycastle.
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For more information contact Grainne Ashe by email.

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Adam's Camp Texas - founder Lulu with son Sam

Adam’s Camp Texas

The inaugural session of Adam’s Camp Texas will be held in March of 2017 in the Texas Hill Country. A few years in the making, Adam’s Camp Texas is the result of the stunning efforts of Lulu Jones. When Lulu’s son Sam could not attend Adam’s Camp in Colorado due to the high altitude, Lulu resolved to bring Adam’s Camp to him. We can’t wait to hold our first session!
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For more information contact Lulu Jones by email or phone at (303) 552-4418.

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Starting an Adam’s Camp Near You

We are always interested in helping others start up Adam’s Camp programs in new locations. We would be delighted to talk with you if you would like to explore the opportunity of establishing an Adam’s Camp near you!

For further information on any outreach programs, contact Bob Horney by email or phone at (303) 690-4402.